Lent is a season of the Christian Year where we focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting in order to open ourselves up to God.

It's the forty days before Easter. Lent excludes Sundays because every Sunday is like a little Easter. Basically, it's about one-tenth of a year (like a tithe of time). Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. This year it's from March 1 (Ash Wednesday) to April 16 (Easter), 2017.

At Jesus' baptism the sky split open, the Spirit of God, which looked like a dove, descended and landed on Jesus, and a voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, My Beloved, with whom I am pleased." Afterward, as told in Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus was sent into the wilderness by the Spirit. Where he fasted and prayed for 40 days. After this time in the wilderness, he was ready to begin his ministry.

Lenten Fast

Pick one thing to "give up" for Lent. Fast from it every day during Lent except for Sundays. 

Friday Fast

Fast from all food for the period after dinner on Thursday night until your Friday evening meal.

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Summary: "Lent recalls times of wilderness and wandering, from newly freed Hebrew slaves in exile to Jesus' temptation in the desert. God has always called people out of their safe, walled cities into uncomfortable places, revealing paths they would never have chosen. Despite our culture of self-indulgence, we too are called to walk an alternative path--one of humility, justice, and peace. Walter Brueggemann's thought-provoking reflections for the season of Lent invite us to consider the challenging, beautiful life that comes with walking the way of grace."

A Way other than Our Own: Devotions for Lent
By Walter Brueggemann

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